Resolute Energy provide environmental protection to the Nuclear industry.


The patented Assure® Expanding Polymer Grain system is ideal for preventing the movement of radioactive fluids in a subsurface environment.

Resolute have completed a number of development projects to test the feasibility of the solutions and to build up knowledge on the full capability:

  • Develop materials suitable for levels of radiation
  • Conduct testing for deploying through distances of subsurface environment
  • Conduct long term impermeability and containment testing


Assure EPG is also ideal for isolating boreholes on site, such as monitoring or injection, and preventing the flow of liquid to other zones from these bores. This capability has been well proven with our oil and gas applciations.


Resolute have been through the Sellafield Game Changers ioncubator programme and completed several technical projects for the nuclear industry.


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