Well Technology


Technology drives the energy industry, which as it evolves drives the need for continuous technology development.


Resolute Energy Solutions fully believe that new technologies are key in maximising viable returns on oil and gas as well as safely abandoning that chapter of our energy usage. Technology will be pivotal to facilitating future energy sources.


Resolute Energy Services have a strong history in technology innovation and development. We are currently building concepts for an in-house portfolio of new technologies designed to provide significant and measurable improvements to profitability, safety and peace of mind to our customers.


We can also work with end users and other service providers to investigate problem areas and to develop appropriate new technology concepts under partnerships.


An overview of our services


  • Problem/pain identification.
  • "Different approach" philosophy to solutions creation.
  • Through experience and ingenuity, combine existing technology with alternative approach to provide valuable new solutions.
  • Equipment design.
  • Management of manufacture and testing.
  • System testing and qualification.
  • Equipment installation.


Contact details



Spurryhillock Industrial Estate,



AB39 2NH.


Email us: info@re-solute.co


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